Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 13

This past week we spent most of our time working on our final presentation and also trying to fix the printer. Our teammate Jezz helped us replace some parts that the printer needed, things like the thermistor. However, since the quality of the printer is still not great, some of the layers are not printing right. We contacted Professor Youssefi to see if he could print some cabins for us. He will attempt to print 4 but we will continue to try and print them at the shop.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017


This week we continued placing all the metal inserts in the bogies. And we will start printing this week.


We continued working on placing the metal inserts in the bogies.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week 10

This week we were already able to order the head inserts for our top plate and we will start adding them to the holes next week. We haven't started printing the new cabins because we are waiting for the controls team to do some testing to see what other kind of sensors they want to add and where they want to add them. But the cabins are being made bigger to accommodate the extra hardware that the team wants to add.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Week 9

This past weekend we were able to successfully have the bogie working for Paseo Prototype. After having it run for multiple times at the event we saw that sometimes the bogie would fall because it would collide with other bogies or because some one would stop it and when it hits the ground all of the bogie parts survive the fall but the smaller part of the cabin would get cracks at the top and bottom. Therefore, the design of the cabin will be edit by making the cabins with thicker walls for the hinge and the part of the cabin that attaches to the bogie to have more support. Also sometimes the link of the switching mechanism will fall off and new longer links will be made. We will also purchase head set inserts will be purchase for better tapping of holes for screw attachments. The Paseo event was this past Saturday and most of the week was spent on getting ready for the event but the rest of the time was spend on getting ready for Presentation #2 of this semester.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Proffesor Youssefi was able to print for us most of the parts needed to make all of the 6 bogies. He gave us the parts before spring break and during spring break we were able to put together 6 bogies. We are just missing 3 side plates from him to have everything completed. We prefer to use his prints because the quality is a lot better because he uses a Uprint printer, and they are ABS parts printed at 100% infill.

3D printed parts that Professor Youssefi printed for us. 
This is one of the bogies we put together. We only have two with all of the components inside. The controls team says they will be able to have more components ready to put inside the cabins on Wednesday before class. 

As of Sunday April 2nd we have 5 and a half cabins printed. All of the bogies are completed with some of the parts that Ernest was able to print before the tech shop closed. We met on the Sunday before spring break to test out the bogies. And also this past Friday and Saturday. The controls team and the app team were able to test out two bogies. They told us that we had to file one of the parts of the bogie because it was hitting the metal strip that was mounted on the track by the positioning team. And we met on Saturday to file those parts and tap more holes one the cabins and on other parts. It was also suggested by the controls team that also suggested that we put more washers on the top bearings and that was taken care of on Saturday. We were also able to improve our switching mechanism on Saturday. Sometimes the pins would come off but now the pins have solder at the ends and that prevents it from coming off. While Ernest was fixing the pins, Moralma was working on fixing the 3D printer and it now works and we been able to finish printing our cabins. We also spent some time this Saturday fixing some of the stuff on our bogies because they are being used by different teams and sometimes things on the bogie are not were they are suppose to be placed.

The cabins have been printing at the design center since this Saturday.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


            The first printed cabin was tested with the components of the controls team on Sunday March 19th, and the controls team said that the space inside the cabin is big enough for all their components. They want new holes to be added at the back and also to make the back wall of the bogie to be smaller. The RFID slot had to be made a bit bigger. And the hole at the top where we attach the bogie had to be 0.25 inches slimmer so that it will be easier to screw the bogie. The holes of the ultrasonic sensor will now only be on one side of the cabin and the other half will be made smaller. 
             We also spoke with professor Youssefi because he was concern that we wanted too many parts printed but he said he was going to do the best he could to get us as many bogies printed since the 3D printer is also being used by a robotics class. He said he will give us at least one set of a bogie by this week. Ernest is continuing to print as many parts as we can at the shop, and Moralma as many cabins before the shop closes on March 23rd. 
              We are also waiting to test out our switching mechanism since we are still waiting on some parts to be delivered. 

The new design of the cabin being printed this week. 

The new smaller left side of the cabin.