Tuesday, March 21, 2017


            The first printed cabin was tested with the components of the controls team on Sunday March 19th, and the controls team said that the space inside the cabin is big enough for all their components. They want new holes to be added at the back and also to make the back wall of the bogie to be smaller. The RFID slot had to be made a bit bigger. And the hole at the top where we attach the bogie had to be 0.25 inches slimmer so that it will be easier to screw the bogie. The holes of the ultrasonic sensor will now only be on one side of the cabin and the other half will be made smaller. 
             We also spoke with professor Youssefi because he was concern that we wanted too many parts printed but he said he was going to do the best he could to get us as many bogies printed since the 3D printer is also being used by a robotics class. He said he will give us at least one set of a bogie by this week. Ernest is continuing to print as many parts as we can at the shop, and Moralma as many cabins before the shop closes on March 23rd. 
              We are also waiting to test out our switching mechanism since we are still waiting on some parts to be delivered. 

The new design of the cabin being printed this week. 

The new smaller left side of the cabin. 


We did a lot of printing this week. There was some problems with the printing of the bogie because although the parts of the bogie were small enough for the 3D printer to print the printer kept shifting the layers when the bogie was printed and the bogie had to made smaller. The other parts of the bogie are also still being printed at the tech shop.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 5 - March 1st - 8th

This week besides working on touching up our presentation Ernest continued to 3D print some of the parts at the tech shop, Moralma continued to make final changes to the cabin before the presentation and we need to 3D print it this weekend, and we sent more parts to be printed with Professor Youssefi. He has replied to us more regularly and he emailed us today letting us know that he might have all the parts we sent him to print, ready by next week. We will start printing the cabin this weekend to have some at least printed by next Wednesday to show the controls team.

For future Presentations:
Our presentation went well and Ron suggested that for the next presentation, we all move our logos to the bottom of the page. Along with each slide we should put the name of the person presenting at the corner. Eric also suggested that we have the first slide explaining the general information of Spartan Superway and on the second page explain how our 1/12 scale team  is significant for the project. This is something our team has to improve and follow Eric's directions.

Spring Presentation #1

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 4: Feb 23rd - Feb 28

This week the team started to work on our presentation which we will give next week. There is 3D printing being done. Since we had problems with the 3D printing in the shop we will continue to printing with Professor Youssefi, at the tech shop and with our fellow student Jez Garjaro. We had problems contacting Professor Youssefi, but we finally reach contact with him. We weren't able to use his 3D printer last week because he was using it for his class and we are sending him some parts this week for him to have them printed. We will also borrow some filament from the shop to go print at the Tech shop. We will attempt to have a 3D printed cabin to show next week in our presentation. Ernest communicated with the positioning and controls team regarding the holes needed on our parts in order for them to mount their sensors. We wanted to make sure we have the right size and amount of holes before printing the parts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

WEEK 3 : FEB 16th -- Feb 22nd

This is what we accomplished this week:

  • We ordered the right shoulder tap screws and more 4-40 screws 
  • We learned we have to change the dimension of one of our parts to make it easier to tap wholes 
  • Moralma took her Tech Training on Thursday and now the whole team will have access to 3D printing 
  • We are working on making a new cabin we are focusing on changing 3 main things 
  • The new cabin will have a larger space inside to accommodate the battery pack which has a size of  1.16 x1.16x 2'' and the mega arduino 
  • We are leaving the holes on the front of the cabin because the control team needs them 
  • The sides of the cabin will be flatter to make it easier for the controls team to attach their sensors
  • We are also trying to figure out a way to assemble the whole cabin without the use of glue as because we don't wan to use glue as the past teams did 
We will have flatter surfaces to accommodate the needs of the controls  team 

We are making the inside of the cabin bigger and leaving the front holes 

We are  trying to think of a new way of how the cabin will be hold together without the use of glue 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week 2 --- Feb 8th -- 15th

This week we were able to: 

- To do inventory of parts such as gears, wheels, nuts and shoulder screws. 

- Ernest was able to order the needed gears, and they will arrive soon 

- We email Prof. Youseffi to print more bogie parts with him. 

- We are waiting for other teams to finalize their hole placements for sensors to finalize our bogie design. 

- We will be soon be ready to produce the 6 bogies